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Jastram has been developing and producing transverse thrusters since 1950. We specialise in fixed pitch propellers (FPP), which require minimal maintenance thanks to their robustness and durability.

To improve performance, we continuously adapt the design of the propeller to the latest developments. Our thruster units meet your needs and requirements. With electric drive systems ranging from low-cost, three-step control to frequency-controlled drives for dynamic positioning, Jastram offers transverse thrusters for a wide range of vessel types. Thanks to reliable gears, worldwide service, direct contact to our service department and detailed specifications for each system supplied, we guarantee many years of disturbance-free operation.

Optimal interaction between ship and systems.

Our Jastram transverse thrusters are made from high-quality, certified materials and individually designed taking into account individual installation conditions. Class approvals for single components or for the entire transverse thruster are, of course, available. We offer vertical, horizontal or any other type of installation for electric, hydraulic or diesel engine drives. Our systems are optionally available with tunnel inlets individually adapted to the vessel’s contours. This optimises the efficiency and noise characteristics of the systems and simplifies installation at the shipyard.

We can guarantee individual solutions for our customers that meet the highest demands.


  • 50 kW to 1,200 kW
  • All key classifications
  • Unrivalled durability of gears
  • More than 4,000 thrusters in operation
  • Efficient, quiet FP propellers

In detail

Safe down to the smallest detail.

We strive to offer optimal technical comfort with our products. We develop safe, durable and, above all, efficient products that go together perfectly and in every possible way.

A detailed view:

  • The propeller is mounted with an oil pressure connection, allowing rapid assembly and disassembly when changing the shaft seal.
  • The stainless steel ring at the propeller tip protects the tunnel from damage.
  • A long service life is ensured through effective cathodic protection of the system, designed to last up to five years.

Technical specifications

Overview Transverse Thruster

The following table of Jastram transverse thrusters includes speed, power and propeller diameter based on DNV type approval. Values may differ and be adjusted for special applications and requirements of other classification societies. We would be happy to provide you a detailed offer tailored to your requirements.

Type Prop. Type Input speed [rpm] input power [kW] Prop. Ø [mm]
intermittent continuous [DP]
BU10 FPP 1800
- 83
570 - 620
BU20 FPP 1800
- 165
790 - 840
BU40 FPP 1800
- 260
920 - 990
BU50 FPP 1500
- 315
920 - 1000
BU60 FPP 1800
1160 - 1220
BU90 FPP 1800
1470 - 1600
BU100 FPP 1200 900 720 1720 - 1940
BU120 FPP 1200 1000 870 1920 - 2270


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Integrated Logistic Support (ILS)

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