Minimal noise
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Our low-noise transverse thrusters are the best solution for the high demands of the construction and operation of quiet vessels.

Proactive noise reduction

The system design and integration of a transverse thruster into the vessel have a significant impact on efficiency and noise emissions. We provide support starting from the design process and noise prognosis for assessment of the overall transverse thrusters system in the vessel.

Active noise reduction (ANR)

Counteracting cavitation as one of the main sources of noise in transverse thrusters, we can effectively reduce the volume by 15 dB (A) through active noise reduction. The targeted injection of air reduces noise and vibration in both the vessel and the water.

Passive noise reduction

Structure-borne noise and ambient noise caused by mechanical vibrations can be effectively reduced by installing an elastic foundation for gears, propellers and motors.


  • Elimination of cavitation noise through active noise reduction
  • Elimination of the cause of the noise rather than expensive installation of insulation
  • Elastically mounted drive unit
  • Active noise reduction also for retrofitting of existing systems
  • Superior comfort for owners and guests
  • Noise reduction for recreation rooms and cabins
  • Disturbance-free travel thanks to noise-reduced manoeuvring systems
  • Protection of marine environment
  • Noise protection near residential areas

In detail

An excellent team.

In the development and the design of our products, we work hand in hand, and, just like us, every very single component of our systems has to be well-coordinated and work together in harmony with the other parts. Let us show you which components are vital for the quality, efficiency and life span of the low-noise-thruster, and what Jastram does to make every product as precise and functional as possible.

Technical specifications

Performance of the Jastram ANR System

Vibration velocity level at the tunnel inlet measured on board a mega yacht. More than 20 dB REDUCTION due to the Jastram ANR system.

Overview Low-Noise Transverse Thruster

The following table of Jastram low-noise transverse thrusters includes speed, power and propeller diameter based on DNV type approval. Values may differ and be adjusted for special applications and requirements of other classification societies. We would be happy to provide you a detailed offer tailored to your requirements.

Type Prop. Type Input speed [rpm] input power [kW] Prop. Ø [mm]
intermittent continuous [DP]
BU10 FPP 1800
- 83
570 - 620
BU20 FPP 1800
- 165
790 - 840
BU40 FPP 1800
- 260
920 - 990
BU50 FPP 1500
- 315
920 - 1000
BU60 FPP 1800
1160 - 1220
BU90 FPP 1800
1470 - 1600
BU100 FPP 1200 900 720 1720 - 1940
BU120 FPP 1200 1000 870 1920 - 2270


Drive and Control Systems

Engineering Support

Integrated Logistic Support (ILS)

Whatever your issue is, we’re here to help and are always there to respond to your questions or suggestions.

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