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The Jastram RP rudder propeller family benefits from over 40 years of experience in the design and construction of 360° controllable drive systems. The quality, reliability and robustness were continuously improved. Jastram RP rudder propellers have been hydrodynamically optimised using CFD analyses. The systems are, in different configurations, approved for use in both inland and seagoing vessels.

Perfectly tailored to your needs – our propellers.

Depending on the application, we select the right propeller diameter for you to ensure maximum efficiency and smooth operation. In addition, all Jastram RP rudder propellers are available with and without propeller nozzles – depending on your needs.


  • 50 kW to 450 kW
  • Compact electrical or hydraulic slewing drive
  • Optional: fully redundant control in accordance with ES-TRIN
  • Optimised propeller geometry for high efficiency and smooth operation
  • Optional: nozzle for control of thrust and protection of the propeller
  • Available as an L or Z drive
  • L-drive with integrated electric engine
  • Simple or elastic foundation
  • Integrated lubricating oil system
  • Can be rotated 360° for fast, precise manoeuvring

In detail

Steering towards perfection.

Our controls are known for their reliability, redundancy and intuitive, simple operation. They are perfectly suitable for different types of drives with variable speed regulation:

  • Electric engines
  • Hydraulic engines
  • Diesel engines

The number of control panels or the number of interfaces to other systems installed on the vessel, e.g. alarm monitoring system, energy management system, dynamic positioning or voyage data recorder, can be set up in accordance with the customer’s needs. This ensures a high degree of flexibility with regard to the space available in the bridge consoles. The combined control lever allows control of thrust and direction with a single lever.

Technical specifications

Selection Guide Rudder Propeller

The following graph gives an overview of the optimum propeller diameter for Jastram rudder propellers in relation to the input power and propeller load. We would be happy to assist you in selecting the optimum system configuration for your requirements.

Overview Rudder Propeller

The following table of Jastram rudder propellers includes speed, power and propeller diameter.  Values may differ and be adjusted for special applications and requirements. We would be happy to provide you a detailed offer tailored to your requirements.

Type Input speed [rpm] input power [kW] Prop. Ø [mm]
min. max.
RP80 1800
500 - 650
640 - 850
RP170 1800
640 - 850
RP230 2100
800 - 1000
RP380 2100
1000 - 1200

Drive and Control Systems

Engineering Support

Integrated Logistic Support (ILS)

Whatever your issue is, we’re here to help and are always there to respond to your questions or suggestions.

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