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Our products are specially designed to meet the demands and requirements of specific industries and types of vessels.

Whether it is luxury yachts, governmental vessels, inland navigation, or offshore and service vessels, our products guarantee maximum efficiency and play an increasingly important role in the field of active noise reduction for yachts, offshore and service vessels. We can guarantee our customers excellent comfort for everybody on board, while also adopting a sustainable approach that protects the marine environment.


For yachts that meet the highest demands, we develop low-noise transverse thruster systems that cater to the specific wishes of our customers – that also includes the paintwork. Our transverse thruster systems are particularly reliable, reduce noise and allow people on board to travel without disturbances.

Governmental vessels

Manoeuvring systems for civilian and naval government vessels must meet the highest standards: Robust system design for high vessel availability and sustainable propulsion concepts are decisive criteria in the design of our transverse thrusters and fully electric rudder propellers. Our low-noise transverse thrusters also minimise noise contributing to a calm working environment.

Inland navigation

For inland navigation, the propulsion system must be absolutely reliable even in continuous operation. Our transverse thrusters and fully electric rudder propellers meet the highest technical demands. Inland vessels in tourism benefit from our low-noise transverse thrusters, which allow all passengers to be comfortable on board.

Offshore and service vessels

In the field of offshore and service vessels, two worlds collide: on the one hand, the vessels must be robust, reliable and efficient; on the other hand, the design of the vessels should allow for a high quality of life for the crew. The installation of low-noise transverse thrusters minimises noise and thus contributes to a better working environment.

Other applications

Jastram manoeuvring technology is used in a wide range of applications due to the robustness and precision of our equipment:

  • Ferry / Ro-Pax
  • Cruise vessels
  • Cargo Ships
  • Fishing vessels

And our knowledge of the design of quiet manoeuvring systems benefits all types of vessel.


Precision Meets Innovation.

Products overview

We supply more than just drive technology.

We work with you on the design of our systems, plan the installation and support you in all technical matters. Always with the aim of efficiently maximising the service life of our products.

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Whatever your issue is, we’re here to help and are always there to respond to your questions or suggestions.

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