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UniProp Propulsion System

Customised solutions
Deck installation
Propeller depth adjustment
Pivoting function
Fully remote operated

Since 1974, Jastram has successfully produced propulsion systems based on rudder propellers. The new UniProp is an innovative development with comprehensive performance, while retaining Jastram’s robustness and quality.

The universal propulsion system UniProp, is a complete package containing all necessary components for propulsion. Featuring a Jastram Rudder Propeller, a foundation with hydraulic depth adjustment and pivot function, and a diesel motor. UniProp is mounted to the deck of the vessel.


Nimble manoeuvrability is accomplished from the 360° revolving rudder propeller which provides full thrust in all directions even in a mooring situation. A quick responding slewing gear with a speed of 180° within 6 seconds reduces response delay, enhancing comfort and security.

The UniProp Propulsion System is offered with theJastram Rudder Propeller types RP230 and RP380.

The range of power and technical details depend on theparticular application, e.g. propeller with or without nozzle and shaft length adapted to the draft of the vessel.

Further data is provided within the brochure “Rudder Propellers”.

The propeller depth adjustment and the pivot function are achieved using a mechanic hydraulic system. The system is fully remote controlled and can be operated without uncoupling the cardan shaft.

Therefore the UniProp is suited for vessels working close to the bank slope, in shallow water or tidal situations. By lifting the propeller completely out of the water with the pivoting function, maintenance and repair work can be completed. It is no longer required to dock the vessel or dismount the rudder propeller to replace propeller, sealings and oil.

The sound insulated housing has soundproof gates within air shafts and an integrated protection against incoming swell (WaveGuard).

The generous opening of the doors and covers, the free standing day tank and lifting eyes inside the housing, provide perfect working conditions for service and repair work.


The UniProp can be controlled both from the bridge as well as on site. The equipment and the layout of the bridge can be easily altered to the customer’s desire. This is achieved with a combination of lever units, buttons and analogue
displays or touch panel technology.

Menus can be individually configured to the display, for example motor data, position of the rudder propeller and alarm messages can be arbitrarily  positioned and combined.

Customised solutions are developed to fit the needs of the operator. Items such as the type of diesel engine, the functionality of the lifting and pivoting equipment and the housing material are just some examples of possible customisation.